Bagel House Cafe, a touch of New York in Geneva!

Early last summer, a new kind of Swiss café opened in the Malbuisson Passage, close to Lake Geneva.

With fresh ingredients, quick, healthy cuisine, and a youthful, creative spirit, it all adds up as the perfect place to pause for refreshment.

The moment the door opens and you step inside, you will be transported to the other side of the globe.

The choice of bagels is worthy of the best bakeries in Manhattan, and you’ll have trouble making a choice. From plain bagels to such flavors as muesli, gluten-free, or the popular “everything.”

The different kinds of cream cheese are also surprising: natural as well as herbs, lactose-free, or “light” make each bagel a new experience.

Choose from standard combinations or pick and choose to design your perfect bagel.

Also a coffee shop, Bagel House Café serves wonderful coffee custom roasted in Switzerland, along with delicious homemade pastries.

You will also find smoothies as well as fresh fruit juices, from traditional to exotic, detox, or extra energy, but that’s not all—Bagel House Cafe still has some surprises up its sleeves…

© Daniel Lopez-Paullada

Key points

Bagel House Café is noted for its large choice of bagels as well as smoothies, fresh fruit juice, and homemade pastries. Product Restaurant

Average price

  • 25 CHF

Average price « à la carte » based on one appetizer and one main dish (excluding drinks, according to the menu provided by the restaurant)


Bagel House Café is located in the Malbuisson Passage, close to the Laderach chocolate shop and Gant boutiques.


3, Rue du Marché. Passage Malbuisson 1204 Genève


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

  • 7am - 7pm


  • 7am - 9pm


  • 10am - 6pm

Closed on Sundays


Open Year-Round


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