Middle Eastern Cuisine

Located at the Carrefour de Rive, one of the central thoroughfares of the city, Baroush invites you to foreign lands.

Experience the warmth and generosity of the Middle East right on your plate, with a fusion of authentic Lebanese and Moroccan cuisine.

Our couscous is homemade and our chef’s tajine takes you on a journey of the heart and the mind.

Baroush provides a universe completely dedicated to traditional Middle Eastern hookah.

Prepared by a true master, hookah smoking becomes an art and one of life’s most exquisite pleasures.

Key points

Traditionnal food, Middle-Eastern shows, sweet hookah for an experience right out of “One Thousand And One Nights.” Product Restaurant

Average price

  • 25 CHF

Average price « à la carte » based on one appetizer and one main dish (excluding drinks, according to the menu provided by the restaurant)


Baroush is located on a central avenue in the heart of Geneva.


Carrefour de Rive 1, 1207 Genève


Open Tuesday thru Sunday

  • Tuesday, Wednesday 12pm - 2:30pm / 7pm - 12am
  • Thursday, Friday 12pm - 2:30pm / 7pm - 2am
  • Saturday 7pm–2am
  • Sunday 7pm–12am

Closed on Mondays


Open Year-Round


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