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If you like the restaurant Black Ginger, you will simply adore its little brother, Black Ginger To Go, which has a delicious menu of take-out Thai food to enjoy at home. The perfect alternative to taste the traditional cuisine found in the best restaurants in Thailand.

Black Ginger To Go provides a varied choice of excellent specialties for lunch or dinner at home, in a rental villa, or on your boat. Appetizers range from Thai salad with grilled beef, vermicelli with shrimp, to green mango and papaya salad with peanuts. For main courses, chicken with lemongrass or a traditional version with green curry and coconut milk, pork with basil, or beef with Massaman curry. Daily specials add zest to the menu, and all of the food is prepared every morning by the chefs at Black Ginger. This guarantees incredible freshness for the only Thai cuisine in St Barth—to be savored at home with your family or friends.

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Homemade cuisine freshly made every morning by renowned Thai chefs.

Key points

The best of Thai cuisine to take out, with the classic recipes from Black Ginger as well as daily specials, and the possibility to custom order any of the dishes on the restaurant menu.


Next to the Black Ginger's restaurant, Gustavia


Rue Samuel Falhberg Gustavia 97133 Saint-Barthélemy


Open every day except Sunday

  • 11am-2:30pm and 5pm-8:30pm


October 7th to August 25th


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