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Reopening of Bagatelle

December 14, 2017 

First round! 

First round at Bagatelle with an exclusive reopening just for the weekend!


Rendezvous as of this evening for the exceptional joie de vivre for which this chic bistro is so well known. Enjoy fine cuisine in a convivial, festive ambiance.


Tradewind Aviation

December 14, 2017


Tradewind Aviation, a US-based airline, provides direct flights between Puerto Rico and St-Barth. There are daily flights from San Juan, both scheduled and charter, in the direction of the Caribbean aboard Tradewind Aviation’s Pilatus PC-12. 

Enjoy the crew’s great attention to detail and premium service as you fly to your favorite slice of paradise!


Panerai: Luminor Due

December 1, 2017

Reinventing An Icon In The History Of Watchmaking 

Reinventing the lines of the Luminor 1950 watches with subtlety, the case of the Luminor Due is the thinnest and most polyvalent in the Panerai catalogue. Presented in 2016, this collection is the fruit of a challenge met by the designers and technicians at Panerai: to reinvent an icon in the history of watch-making in a delicate, faithful, and rigorous manner and underline the richness of a watch that incarnates the perfect syntheses of the spirit of sports, polyvalence, an original design, and sophisticated watchmaking technique.

Four New Models

Four new models have enhanced this collection with a wide assortment of materials, dimensions, colors, and technical solutions for watches that are adapted to every situation. 

Luminor Due 3 Days Titanio – 42mm 

A new model of the Luminor Due comes with a hand-wound movement and a three-day power reserve: this model is lighting and sportier, featuring a titanium case, blue dial, and choice of strap.

Very easy to read, even in low light levels, the dial of the new Luminor Due 3 Days has been redesigned with the small seconds marker at 9 o’clock, another element characteristic of many classic Panerai watches. The titanium model has a blue dial with sandwich construction and burnished finish.

Characteristics: MOVEMENT: Hand-wound mechanical, P.1000 caliber, executed entirely by Panerai. FUNCTIONS: Hours, minutes, small seconds, seconds reset. CASE: 42 mm, brushed titanium. DIAL: Sun-brushed blue with luminous Arabic numerals and hour markers, small seconds at 9 o'clock. POWER RESERVE: 72 hours. WATER PROOF: 3 bar (-30 meters). Blue alligator strap.

Key points: Synonym of polyvalence and inherent elegance, this refined timepiece silhouette has not lost any of its original identity, or the proportions and distinctive traits of the legendary case, equipped with the trademarked device to protect the crown with a locking lever. 

Plus: A more elegant and sophisticated version in red gold, with an ivory dial punctuated with contrasting blue letters and the thinnest of movements. 

Prices starting at: 7,400 €

Points of sale:

ST BARTH: Carat, rue de la République, Gustavia

MONACO: Zegg & Cerlati, Place du casino 

GENEVA: 19 rue du Rhône


Philippe Pasqua

December 12, 2017

A singular style

Born in 1965, Philippe Pasqua is considered one of the major talents of his generation. Self-taught, he started in a small photography studio in Paris to make a living. But he is a portraitist above all, and in the vein of such modern artists as Bacon, Freud, or Jenny Saville, he chose painting to express the vulnerability and intimacy of the faces and bodies he presents.

The human being is the primary source of inspiration for his paintings.

His canvases are violent, powerful, imposing. His main motivation is not aestheticism but expressivity: “I live painting physically and freely.” The representation of his models is not based in realism but impression. The colors are allegorical and the paintings have an unfinished quality that transmits emotion: “I like the unfinished aspect, yet very constructed at the same time, even if there is a very free gesture in my work, accidents, to break with the academic side of things. The design gives form to the human beings and the color gives them life.”

In most cases, his work tends to be oversized and can reach six meters in height. The amplitude of this artist’s gestures and his subjects command the monumental format of his canvases.

Other works available on request


Cédric Calmels, ventedart.com

Founder - Art Dealer

cedric@ventedart.com / +33611083047


Secret d'Atelier

December 5, 2017

The result is dramatic, with a desire to touch the floor.

A new luxury division of the Compagnie Française du Parquet (CFP), Secret d’Atelier is the first French brand to create luxurious parquet floors. The brand combines its historic sense of excellence with today’s innovative technologies to create its custom products.

Three Collections 

Secret d’Atelier offers three prestigious, high-quality collections: 

For its first collection, launched in 2016, Secret d’Atelier dives into a universe rich in the colors of one of the world’s most celebrated historic architects, Le Corbusier, and his fascinating design guide “Architectural Polychromy.”

Secret d’Atelier presented a second, equally prestigious collection: Illusion. An illusion, as if there were an object placed on the floor. There are no limits to Secret d’Atelier’s ability to create the impression of a 3D object. This effect in relief, if successful, reveals the very meticulous work of a legendary photographer. The challenge is to take a photo of a real object and reproduce it on the wood before the parquet floor is installed. As a result, anything is possible: works of art, motifs, logos, trompe-l'œil... this new form of interior architectural expression allows for the creation of interesting compositions using the best natural materials on the market.

The third Secret d’Atelier collection has just been inaugurated: Charred Wood, as inspired by an ancient Japanese technique.

An ambitious new project is also underway with French street artist Jules L'Atlas.

Key points: The first French brand to create luxury parquet floors, Secret d’Atelier is open to evaluating and working on all original and innovative projects by professionals, as well as individuals who want to cover their floors with extremely high-quality products.

Plus: Secret d’Atelier participated in the “Holiday House” project in London, working with French architect Philippe Maidemberg and in partnership with Roche Bobois. To support this initiative in the fight against cancer, Secret d’Atelier donated parquet from its first collection, Le Corbusier. 

Price upon request


Cécilia Richard

Marketing director

+ 33 06 25 79 24 98

Showroom: 129 boulevard St Germain - 75006 Paris



November 30, 2017

Light & Fragrance

oOumm is a French brand of interior perfume with a touch of olfactory elegance, blending exceptional fragrances with beautifully designed accents for the home.

Going beyond luxury, oOumm’s exclusivity comes in a patented system for its wax candles: a special refill that can be used in a series of design objects, adding light to fragrance. By associating art and aroma, Ooumm has revolutionized the use of interior perfume for a contemporary lifestyle. 

An alliance of art and design experts

With oOumm, Maria Bosoni took a gamble by adding her vision to a brand of interior fragrances and objects that venture further than any other brand has gone so far. A sense of luxury is created by a fundamental contemporary approach, strict criteria in terms of the quality of the raw materials, the quality of workmanship, and of course the artistic direction.

Savvy about design and interested in the art of perfume, Jérôme Aumon has been involved with the development of the brand since the project was born, accompanying Maria Bosoni in the artistic direction and development of every product.

Barnabé Fillion, trained as a botanist, has created four custom perfumes with refined scents, mixing innovation and tradition by using essences that are rare and very high quality.

Designer Dan Yeffet developed the exclusive system of refills (SoOumm) and designed an exclusive series of candle holders.


• A series of uniquely designed diffusers and candle holders in marble, brass, glass, and wood;

• SoOumm refills: elegant polished brass capsules for use in specifically designed diffusers

Key points: oOumm has reinvented the art of perfume by uniting excellent artists and artisans.

Plus: To transform the art of perfume into an unusual, elegant experience, oOumm has also created a series of exclusive objects designed by Dan Yeffet: trays, candle lighters, wick-cutting scissors, and candlesnuffers. 

Price of a designed diffuser from 288 €

Points of sale:

MONACO: Segraeti, Metropole Shopping Center, 17, Avenue des Spélugues



Rolex Sea-Dweller

November 3, 2017

The watch that conquered the deep

Rolex presents the newest generation of its Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller, a legendary watch for diving professionals that was created 50 years ago in 1967.

Like all the Rolex watches, the Sea-Dweller carries the Superlative Chronometer certification redefined by Rolex in 2015. This exclusive guarantee attests that the watch successfully passed a series of tests in the Rolex laboratories to meet the most severe criteria. Superlative Chronometer status is  symbolizes by a green seal that accompanies each watch, along with a five-year international guarantee.

Characteristics: Cyclops lens to enhance reading the date, and the name Sea-Dweller in red on the dial. New 3235 caliber, ceramic bezel, and luminescent display, with a black Cerachrom disk patented and manufactured by Rolex made of extremely hard ceramic that is essentially indestructible. The case is crafted from a solid block of particularly corrosion-resistant 904L steel and sealed so that only a Rolex watchmaker with a special tool can access the movement. Power backup of 70 hours, Oyster bracelet with large links also made of 904L steel.

Key points: Waterproof to 1,220 meters, this high-tech watch was originally designed to take the pioneers of professional diving to great depths. It is equipped with one of the inventions that help create its reputation: the helium valve patented by Rolex in 1967.

Plus: La Sea-Dweller has been redesigned with a larger case measuring 43mm for its 50th anniversary.

Suggested retail price: 10,400 €

Rolex watches available at:

St Barth:

GOLDFINGER, Rue de la France, Gustavia 


ZEGG & CERLATI - ROLEX, Place du Casino

ZEGG & CERLATI - ROLEX, 2 av des Spélugues

YACHT CLUB DE MONACO, Gallery, Quai Louis II


BUCHERER, Quai du Mont-Blanc 1

BUCHERER, Rue du Rhône 45

CHRONO-TIME, Rue de la Fontaine 3


©Rolex - Alain Costa


Jaquet Droz: grande seconde quantieme satinee soleil

November 28, 2017

“Some watches tell time, some tell a story”

What creates beauty? Sometimes it is based on a story. For almost three hundred years, Jaquet Droz has created a multi-faceted story. A virtuoso in decorative arts as well as in mechanical watch movements, the brand known by its two stars retains only what is most essential: a true simplicity. Subscribing to the “less is more” contemporary design philosophy, this sophisticated sobriety is one of the signatures and essential creative principles for Jaquet Droz.

As streamlined as it is elegant, there are two new versions of this iconic model that celebrates the savoir-faire and excellence of Jaquet Droz. With exceptional refinement, the Grande Seconde Quantième Satinée Soleil timepieces are outstanding examples of watch making. In this case, a needle on the dial at six o’clock displays the date complication.

Characteristics: Satin sun dial, two colors—anthracite and gray –with hands in rhodium-plated steel or blue steel respectively, available in 39 and 43 millimeter diameters, white gold index, light brown alligator or slate gray watchband, hand-finished, steel case.

Key points: This watch is immediately recognizable by connoisseurs thanks to its two off-centered dials, its majestic second hand, and its date needle accented with a touch of bright red.

Plus: To ensure even more reliability, the spiral and anchor horns of the self-winding movement are made of silicon. With unmatched flexibility, as well as insensitive to shocks, temperature, pressure, and magnetic fields, silicon is a perfectly stable material over time. 

Price: 9,700€

Points of sale:

ST BARTH: Tourbillon, Rue de la République, Gustavia

GENEVA: Jaquet Droz, Rue du Rhône 40



Tudor: born to dare

One of the most admired, gifted and successful football players of all time, a philanthropist, an entrepreneur and a global style icon, David Beckham’s life journey embodies the daring values that made Tudor what it is today.


Tudor is Born to Dare 

In 2017, Tudor launched a new campaign with the “Born To Dare” signature. It reflects both the history of the brand and what it stands for today. Daring individuals have long chosen Tudor while achieving the extraordinary on land, ice, in the air and underwater. It also refers to the vision of Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Tudor, who manufactured Tudor watches to withstand the most extreme conditions, watches made for the most daring lifestyle indeed. It finally tells of the singular approach Tudor is known for today, having pioneered now major trends within the watchmaking industry. 

The Tudor “Born To Dare” spirit is expressed in a campaign manifesto (below and extended version in annex) and supported globally by ambassadors whose life achievements directly result from a daring approach to life. David Beckham is one of them and Tudor is proud to welcome him to its family.


Devoted to the classic

David Beckham is a multi-faceted man with a taste for finer things. “Especially as an Englishman I think you really appreciate a nice suit and a nice watch. They go very well together” he says. A long-time wristwatch lover, he came to know Tudor through its sibling brand, Rolex, of which he owns several timepieces. “I was attracted to Tudor by the attention to detail I could see in their watches. I then learned about the history of the brand. One of adventure, pioneer diving and daring expeditions. I was instantly hooked”. 

David Beckham wears the Black Bay S&G, a vintage-inspired steel and gold diver’s watch as well as 

the Black Bay Chrono, a COSC-certified chronograph with column-wheel manufacture calibre drawing upon Tudor's diving and motorsports heritage.


Born for a purpose

As a child, David Beckham had a dream. Whenever asked about what he would want to be later in life he invariably answered “a football player”. This early drive led him to become one of the most acclaimed, loved and successful players in the history of the game. With three major clubs and 115 selections in the English football team, 59 as captain, he left his mark: 6 England Championship titles, 2 Major League Soccer cups, one time Champion of Spain and one time UEFA Champion. 

He might not have been the best scorer, nor the fastest player, but he had a unique style, both precise and spectacular. One of perfect passes, extraordinary kicks and supreme accuracy that proved decisive on the field. “Bend it like Beckham” says it all about his brand of game. By daring to go all the way, always, David Beckham made his childhood dream a reality.

Available in:


Goldfinger, Rue de France, Gustavia


Zegg & Cerlati, Place du Casino


Bucherer, Quai du Mont-blanc 1

Bucherer, Rue du Rhône 45

Chrono-time, Rue de la fontaine 3

Kunz Sa, 23 Quai des Bergues

Kurd-Bader, 11 rue de la Confédération


ANDRÈS SARDA: sophisticated lingerie

Andrès Sarda has launched a lovely collection of sensual and sophisticated lingerie.

Well-designed with French lace from Calais and expert finishing, the new Danilo collection seduces even the most demanding women in their search for perfect and elegant lingerie.

With six bra styles (cups B to E) and four kinds of briefs, this Spanish designer has created a line of lingerie to flatter the shape of every woman.

Available in:

ST-BARTH : Iléna, Villa Créole, St Jean


Graff: The eternal twins

November 9, 2017

A magnificent pair of 50,23 carat d flawless emerald cut diamonds

Over the course of the last five decades Graff has passionately pursued the pinnacle of excellence in sourcing, cutting, polishing and setting the most fabulous jewels in the world. 

With unwavering dedication to the transformation of a rare diamond from its rough state, into a polished masterpiece, Graff has dominated the list of exceptional stones cut and polished this century. 

Two identical stones of beautiful proportions and quality have joined Graff’s roll call of exceptional diamonds. 

The opportunity to cut two stones of such magnitude from the same rough is not only exceptionally rare, but demonstrates the exemplary cutting and polishing expertise of the House. 

On the discovery of a stunning 269 carat rough diamond from the Lucara Karowe mine in Botswana, Graff’s elite team of gemmologists were tasked with carrying out the risky process of unleashing its true potential. 

Its natural internal flaws and nuances were mapped precisely into a specialised computer system to create an exact digital replica of the rough, which was then studied for many hours to determine the individual character of the stone and how best to transform it into a polished masterpiece. 

With careful planning, Graff’s senior cutters lasered the rough, separating and defining the emerald cuts which were then polished by hand by the House’s highly skilled team. Two rectangular emerald cuts emerged from the inner depths of the rough; identical in weight and perfect in proportion. 

An emerald cut is faceted differently to a round brilliant cut, with long clean lines; this means that the visibility of flaws is increased so the highest clarity is required. The cut also showcases a masterly play of light between the facets of the stone, perfected by Graff’s expert team. 

To cut and polish two stones to the exact same size and weight is incredibly challenging and a decision made from the beginning of the cutting and polishing process. Furthermore, to produce two D Flawless emerald cut diamonds from the same rough, and exceeding 50 carats each, is extremely rare and a true testament to Graff’s knowledge, skill and commitment to pushing the boundaries of diamond expertise. 

The Eternal Twins have been set in a pair of earrings incorporating a total of 132.53 carats of exceptional diamonds. Graff’s master craftsmen and design team have combined true artistry with breath-taking fire and scintillation in the creation of these beautiful jewels. 

Graff takes great pride and responsibility in knowing that these gems of everlasting beauty will pass from generation to generation, taking their place in history for eternity. 

Available in :

Saint-Barth : DIAMOND GENESIS, Rue de la République, Gustavia

Monaco : GRAFF, Casino de Monte Carlo, Place du Casino

Geneva : GRAFF, Rue du Rhône 29


Tag heuer: CARRERA Heuer-02T

November 7, 2017

Two watch-making complications combined: the chronograph and the tourbillon to be aesthetically pleasing.

The TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-02T symbolizes the continuity of investment in creativity that TAG Heuer has made since its origins in 1860 as a Swiss Avant-Garde company, and a position this luxury watchmaker maintains today.

The Carrera Heuer-02T is the symbol of high-tech quality, performance, manufacturing savoir-faire, a perfect mastery of the industrial process, and the cost of fabrication.

TAG Heuer also presents a sparkling, glamour version with 68 baguette diamonds on the bezel and strap to go with the brilliance of the mechanics of the watch, offering a perfect balance between luxury jewelry and timepieces. The Carrera Heuer-02T is also available with a full-grain calfskin strap. 

The characteristics comprise: 45-mm case, black ceramic bezel, Tag Heuer custom movement, 65 hours of power reserve, waterproof to 100 meters, automatic chronograph with the addition of a certified COSC tourbillon, highly polished baton-style hands, black alligator strap.

Key points: Each group is subject to a protocol of 21 days of testing. Each movement is certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Agency, which the institute responsible for certifying the accuracy and precision of the best wristwatches made in Switzerland.

Plus: The movement is contained is a new generation case, with a completely modular construction comprising 12 elements (lugs, case, bezel, dial, crown, winding pin and its mounting, push buttons, joint between the case and the bezel, sapphire crystal). This concept opens an enormous field of possibilities for an infinite number of combinations of materials, colors, and finishes. 

Price: 15,250 €

Available in:

ST BARTH: Goldfinger, Rue de la France, Gustavia

MONACO: Tag Heuer, 17 Avenue des Spélugues

GENEVA: Tag Heuer, Rue Robert-Céard 9




The Classic Fusion is the marriage of Berluti’s iconic luxurious Venezia leather and the innovative watch-making expertise of Hublot. This fusion of excellence defines a limited-edition timepiece, giving it a bold, stylish character.

“Style or nothing. After using denim and lace, we wanted to explore different materials for dials and straps. Leather straps are a classic option for watches, but we wanted to go beyond the traditional approach and work with the absolute most iconic leather there is. Our collaboration with Berluti was a natural choice. One of the major difficulties was the dial. It is rather complicated to use a fabric such as leather in a waterproof case. In addition, it was a challenge to perfectly match the subtleties of the strap and the dial,” points out Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO Hublot

Hublot and Berluti are contemporary alchemists. Both of these respected brands wanted to create a timepiece that has a soul and a distinctive personality. To celebrate the 120th anniversary of the Parisian shoe company in 2105, a series of straps and dials was created for the Classic Fusion model. This ingenious combination of the watch and matching shoes is a true symbol of elegance, embodying the spirit of a classic gentleman.

“After dressing the Berluti man from head to toe, our collaboration with Hublot inspired the creation of a watch that is the perfect final touch to the masculine wardrobe. Our two companies share the same level of expertise as well as a passion for excellence,” notes Antoine Arnault, CEO of Berluti

Berluti’s Venezia leather, developed by Olga Berluti, is tanned using an exclusive mineral process. This natural material is what Hublot has adopted for its dials, requiring a complex, delicate process to neutralize the organic elements of the leather, and make each dial unique. This limited edition is available in two models: their straps and dials reflect the outstanding savoir-faire of Berluti. This collaboration between Hublot and Berluti, the creator of the dial and strap, represents a new definition of excellence and a beautiful, recognizable style.

Available in:


TIME, Rue de la République, Gustavia

CARAT, Rue de la République, Gustavia

Geneva: HUBLOT, 3 rue Robert-Céard


Eternelle favorite - A fine feminine wine

In Adeline de Barry’s family, wine is women’s work. Since it became the family business in the 18th century, when the Marquis de Villeneuve purchased the former monastery of Lérins, the Château de Saint-Martin has always been passed from mother to daughter. There was but one exception to this ancestral tradition, when Adeline’s grandfather, Count Edme de Rohan Chabot, ran the vineyard for forty years before passing the torch to his daughter, then to his granddaughter in 1984.

Adeline de Barry learned quite a bit from this important figure in the world of wine. Thanks to his expert advice, an apprenticeship in the fields, and her experience in the United States doing marketing for Moët Hennessy, she now successfully runs the family enterprise and its production of high quality wines.

Built in the town of Taradeau, in the department of Var, in the center of a property with over 100 hectares, and benefitting from the climatology of two distinct regions (schist and clay-limestone soil), the Château de Saint-Martin belongs to the very exclusive club of the 18 Côtes de Provence controlled vintages. This prestigious label and a gage of excellence are found in Eternelle Favorite, a delicious rosé with a pale peach robe and delicate fruity flavors.

Chatting with Adeline de Barry:

How did you come up with the idea for Eternelle Favorite?

“During my travels, especially in Asia, I noticed that women liked to get together after work for a drink, but not necessarily have dinner at the same time. They enjoyed being together to share a moment of friendship. I also thought of moments of relaxation when you just want to curl up on a comfortable sofa and listen to music while drinking a nice glass of rosé. That gave me the idea to create an a feminine rosé that is atypical and sophisticated.”

What are its principal qualities?

“It is like a woman’s perfume that reveals its unexpected nuances over the course of time. It is light in the spring with its fresh, citrus flavor. In the summer it evolves toward ripe fruit, then becomes stronger and warmer in the winter. Eternelle Favorite is a surprising and very elegant rosé, made primarily with a base of tibouren, a red variety typically Provencal, that I especially appreciate and that brings a lot of refinement when blended with other varieties.”

The Eternelle Favorite vintage has won several awards, including the Médaille d’Or at the Concours Général Agricole in 2016. It was listed among the top 50 best rosés in the world in the United States.

It is found on the wine lists of major hotels and restaurants around the world, particularly on the East Coast of the United States— New York and Connecticut—as well as Colombia, Singapore, Tahiti, and the French West Indies.

In Saint Barthélemy, Eternelle Favorite is available at Goût du Vin in Gustavia. Tel +590  590 27 88 02



Created in a spirit of casual elegance and practicality, the new Overseas watches equipped with Manufacture movements – including three new calibres – embody the new generation of self-winding timepieces inspired by the spirit of travel. The models world time, chronograph and automatic/date and small model are now offered with brown dials.

Like the other references from the Overseas collection, these new watches in steel bear the Hallmark of Geneva and are fitted with easily interchangeable bracelets/straps, a guarantee of comfort anywhere in the world.

Une signature

Flowing, ergonomic lines, subtle light effects and delicate finishes place the new Overseas models firmly within a timeless yet distinctly contemporary aesthetic universe. The curves of the case ensure seamless integration with the bracelet or strap, a feature that is both technically sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing. The six-sided bezel and the fluted crown with its grooves evoke the Maison design codes. Coated with a translucent brown lacquer that intensifies the depth effect, the dials alternate between sunburst, snailed and velvety finishes. The screwed-down caseback fitted with a sapphire crystal reveals the 22K gold oscillating weight adorned with sandblasted, polished and finely grained finishes, and with a wind rose, a universal symbol indicating the cardinal points for travelers.

Overseas heures du monde Calibre 2460 WT

The brown dial of the Overseas world time displays no less than 37 time zones, including those that are off-set by a half-hour or quarter-hour in relation to UTC time. The display comprises three parts. The centre features a “Lambert” projection map depicting the continents (enhanced by a sunburst satin-brushed finish) and the oceans (in a velvet finish), along with a translucent lacquered disc bearing the city names. A third sapphire disc laid over the map provides day/night indications by means of subtly graded smoky tints, synchronised with the 24-hour disc. Finally, a translucent lacquered velvet-finished outer ring serves to indicate the hours and minutes.

An ideal travel companion, the Overseas world time model features a 43.5 mm-diameter case housing Caliber 2460 WT. This self-winding movement patented, developed and crafted by Vacheron Constantin operates at a frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations) per hour and enjoys a 40-hour power reserve. Its 22K gold oscillating weight bears a wind rose – a universal symbol indicating the cardinal points for travellers – adorned with sandblasted, polished and finely grained finishing. All the indications powered by this mechanism are smoothly and easily adjusted via the crown.

Overseas chronograph Calibre 5200

The Overseas Chronograph watch bearing the Hallmark of Geneva is equipped with Calibre 5200, the new self-winding chronograph movement developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin. The result of a five-year development process, this 263-component calibre is fitted with a column wheel coordinating the chronograph start, stop and reset functions, whereas a vertical coupling clutch prevents any jerking of the hand when the chronograph starts. The column wheel is adorned with a screw shaped like the Manufacture’s signature Maltese cross emblem. This movement is equipped with a twin barrel enhancing its torque and its reliability while ensuring over 50 hours of power reserve. Protected from magnetic fields by a soft iron ring, it powers the hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph and date indications. These functions are all displayed on a brown dial adorned with sunburst, snailed and velvety finishes. The gold facetted hands and hour-markers hands are coated with a luminescent material ensuring optimal readability.

The Overseas Chronograph comes in a stainless steel 42.5 mm-diameter case. Its screwed-down pushpieces, crown and caseback guarantee water-resistance to 150 metres, while its transparent back reveals a 22K gold oscillating weight adorned with a wind rose. Like the other references from the Overseas collection with blue and silver-toned dials, this new stainless steel model is delivered with three interchangeable bracelet/straps: a steel bracelet with an easy-fit system, along with rubber and leather straps. The two latter are fitted with an equally interchangeable stainless steel folding clasp.

Overseas Calibre 5100

Hours, minutes, seconds, date: this Overseas model displays essential functions with an aura of natural distinction. Nestled in a 41 mm-diameter case in stainless steel, the new Calibre 5100 entirely designed, developed and crafted by Vacheron Constantin is composed of 172 parts. It beats at the rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour and is endowed with a comfortable more than 60- hour power reserve guaranteed by its twin barrels (ensuring the constancy of the torque delivered to the regulating organ). The transparent screwed-down caseback reveals the precious 22K gold oscillating weight adorned with a wind rose. This timepiece certified by the Hallmark of Geneva adopts a sunburst brown dial, swept over by gold luminescent hands and hour-markers. Anti-magnetic thanks to the soft iron ring surrounding its movement and water-resistant to 150 metres, this model lends itself to all occasions with its three interchangeable bracelet/straps: a stainless steel bracelet with an easy-fit sizing system; as well as two straps in rubber and leather respectively. The latter are supplied with an equally adjustable stainless steel folding clasp.

Overseas petit modèle Calibre 5300

The Overseas Small Model is adorned with 84 round-cut diamonds totalling over one carat and daintily set on its six-sided bezel. At the heart of its stainless steel 37 mm-diameter case beats the new Calibre 5300 developed and crafted by Vacheron Constantin. This 128-part self-winding movement powers the hours, minutes and small seconds at 9 o’clock, while ensuring an approximately two-day power reserve. The Overseas small model comes with a brown dial. A pair of gold luminescent hands sweep around the matching hour-markers punctuating this perfectly legible dial face. The back of the watch provides an equally enchanting sight by revealing the 22K gold oscillating weight adorned with a wind rose. Proudly bearing the prestigious Hallmark of

Geneva, the Overseas small model in steel comes with three interchangeable bracelet/straps and an interchangeable folding clasp.

Available in:

ST-BARTH : Carat, Rue de la République, Gustavia

MONACO : Zegg & Cerlati, Place de Casino

GENÈVE : Vacheron Constantin, 1, Place de Longemalle


Geophysic®: A new collection by Jaeger-LeCoultr

Jaeger-LeCoultre reveals a new collection with pure, clean lines energized with a new caliber of Haute Horlogerie that reflects the innovative spirit of the brand.

This major watchmaker has opted to revive the legendary name in two models that perfectly blend design, technique, and ease of utilization for the XXI century: Geophysic® True Second® and Geophysic® Universal Time.

Geophysic® Universal Time, the world at your fingertips

A map of the world is outlined in silhouette, as if an invitation to travel. The sea is represented by subtle shades of blue lacquer, while the engraved continents provide perfect finishing to the dial.

Characteristics: Diameter 41.6 mm, available in stainless steel or pink gold, automatic self-winding movement, Jaeger-LeCoultre caliber 772, 40-hour reserve, 36 rubies, waterproof: 5 bar, alligator leather band 

Key points: Fascinating, the Geophysic® Universal Time allows the user to immediately see the time in all 24 major time zones on a special mobile disk. 

Plus: The time is set by means of the crown, rather than a push-button. Once the universal time is set, there is no need to readjust it while traveling the world. While traveling, all the wearer needs to do is change to the local time by moving the hour hand forward or backward, independently of the minutes and seconds to prevent loss of precision

Price: 12 800€

Available in:

St Barth: DIAMOND GENESIS, Rue de la République, Gustavia

Monaco: ZEGG & CERLATI, Place du Casino

Geneva: JAEGER-LECOULTRE, Rue du Rhône 56, 1204


ERES: Revealing the best in lingerie

Sensual and feminine by design, beautiful lingerie adapts to the seasons and in keeping with your mood, whether it be romantic, sophisticated, or casual. The signature of elegant fashion, these bodysuits are created in the most refined fabrics, from satin and tulle to lace by Leavers and Jacquard.

Among all the possible combinations, one of the most outstanding is the couture touch of the Bisoux bodysuit—with its patterned lace and satin trimming, plus the look of denim. Can be worn by day or by night.

For a romantic rendezvous or a cocktail party, go for the fabulous look of Palazzo pants paired with the Plume bodysuit, whose Leavers lace is inspired by bird feathers. Add a rock accent with the Perfecto jacket in leather.

The Ultrachic bodysuit is sumptuous in silk crepe adorned with bands of lace on the length of its sleeves, at the wrists, neck, and around the thighs. It is worn bloused at the waist with the low-cut back closed by a single button, or left open for a dressier evening allure.

Key points: These chic undergarments, meticulously manufactured by Eres, have a multi-layered patterned look that creates a graphic effect on the skin.

Plus: Treat yourself on a daily basis by adding pretty lingerie to your urban outfits, such as a lacy bustier under a kimono jacket, a cardigan, or a silk shirt. Another special detail: tone on tone for a feel of very subtle transparency.


Body Ultrachic: 650 €

Body Bisoux: 690 €

Body Plume: 360 €

Lingerie available at:

St Barth: ERES, Cour Vendôme, Gustavia 

Monaco: ERES, 31 boulevard des Moulins

Geneva: ERES, 8 rue d'Italie 1204



An incredible new timepiece, Breguet’s Marine Équation Marchante is big news. It embraces different design concepts that give it an allure that is both modern and dynamic: the strap pins are highly polished, the fluting is more open, with visible sides, a crown mounted on a B with a sanded and polished base, decorated with beveled waves in tribute to the art of sailing

Characteristics: Platinum 950 case, fluted case band, sapphire case back, 43.9mm diameter, waterproof—10 bar, face in blue and gold, hand guilloched, individually number and signed by Breguet. Luminescent hours displayed with Roman numerals. Features include perpetual rotor automatic winding system, mechanical movement with running Equation of Time, perpetual calendar, 60-second tourbillon, a power reserve of 80 hours, 581DPE caliber, 57 rubies, escape wheel in silicon, and inversed anchor with silicon pins, alligator strap with adjustable buckle in gold.

Key points: Based on the automatic 581DR caliber, this watch has a 60-second tourbillon, whose titanium case houses a Breguet escape wheel with silicon balance spring. This innovation notably allows the escape wheel to reach a frequency of 4 Hz while maintaining a comfortable power reserve on an automatic timepiece.

Plus: On the back of the watch, the bridges, visible under a sapphire disk, are delicately chiseled to represent a ship in great detail, such the “Royal Louis,” a historic vessel in the French royal naval.

Price: 209,500 € (in rose gold) and 224,500 € (in platinum)

Available in:

ST BARTH: Tourbillon, Rue de la République, Gustavia

MONACO: Zegg & Cerlati, Place du Casino

GENEVA: Breguet, Rue du Rhône 40


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